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Our Mission

Citi is committed to hiring, retaining and promoting veterans, service members and their families. Led by senior leadership, Citi employees and Citi Community Development, our firm-wide initiative, Citi Salutes, aims to support our nation’s heroes in the communities we serve as they strive to reach their fullest potential. We do this by collaborating with leading veteran service and community organizations to build their capacity to advance key initiatives in areas like employment, financial education, and housing, help ensure access and delivery of banking products and services that are appropriate and useful for the veterans’ community; and share best practices and collaborating with our peer institutions to collectively help meet the challenges facing our country’s veterans.

Employee Engagement

Citi has 16 “Citi Salutes Networks” in the United States and one in the United Kingdom, providing more than 2,000 military-experience employees with formalized peer-to-peer support and partnering with community organizations to support military families locally. Citi supports military Veterans, service members and their families in communities across the United States through the volunteer efforts of hundreds of Citi employees, including programs designed to provide assistance with resume writing, networking and mentoring for veterans transitioning back into civilian life.


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Make An Impact

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